High Resolution 3D Mapping

Justin Flores

My name is Justin Flores, and my ECE concentration is Signals, Communications, and Controls, with a special interest in signals and control systems as they relate to the space industry. I have Matlab experience with control systems and signal processing toolboxes, and C++ experience with various simulations for UH coursework. I also have a background in photography, so I have knowledge of how camera and lens hardware operate. I have had many jobs where I had to speak or present to various group sizes, so I’m well versed in public speaking and presentations.

David Salazar

My name is David Salazar, I’m a Power Concentration EE student and a license electrician. Background is strong in Electrical wiring, controls, troubleshooting, and installations. Work experience is in Construction, medical center, service truck, and Power Plant maintenance. I dealt with various equipment which include large motors, transformers, and VFDs. My work experience has helped transition that ability into my projects. My team would usually let me handle the hardware and set up. I’m good with tools and know how to build and with engineering I can modify something that requires improvising to make it work. Basic programming experience since I haven’t used Matlab since 2019. Willing to learn new skills and contribute to the best of my ability to my team.

Daniel Rodriguez

My name is Daniel Rodriguez and I am currently a senior at the University of Houston majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. I have experience in programming in MATLAB, C/C++, and a little bit of Python. I have used different circuit building and simulating software such as Auto-CAD, Solid Works, Scilab, Blender, Multisim, PowerWorld, and Power SIM. I am pretty handy with tools because of my family’s different trades. So, it’s safe to say I know my way around a tool box. From fixing cars to welding, I can build and fix anything. I also have experience in troubleshooting and finding wiring issues from past work experience and projects I have been a part of. I’m pleased to say I’m excited to be working on this project with my team members. I am ready to take on new challenges and put our skills to the test.

Rodrigo Mascarenhas

I am a computer engineering student focused mostly in software engineering, however, with some experience in hardware; including a noise cancelling headphone, and other projects made during the course work at UH. I have experience with machine learning algorithms such as SVM’s, CNN, logistic regression, linear regression, anomaly detection, K-means and others — which I implemented using Matlab. Apart from that, I’ve developed a few large software products for my startup as well as during my internship. I’m very excited for this project as it’s an important problem to solve and could make an impact in future applications.

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